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The Management Institute (TMI) has developed a clear, comprehensive Management Framework. This proven methodology is available for your use. It is available for your organization: as the foundation of a customized training program for your management team, or as an assessment tool used by a managerial consultant.  You can master this methodology by enrolling on the Management Competency Framework Certification.

Discover effective management through our tailored courses and consulting services. Empower your team with TMI’s proven approach and unleash your organization’s full potential. Join us to redefine success together.

Unleash the power of the Management Framework for organizational excellence

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Learn a proven approach to manage your organization.

Explore our comprehensive suite of management training and consulting services based on our proven Management Framework.

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  Enhance your management skills with our expert-led online management courses, accessible globally and designed for every level of expertise.


Partner with us to transform your business processes through comprehensive management consulting, driving efficiency and growth.


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Get tailored training solutions that fit the unique needs of your organization, crafted to deliver specific outcomes and improvements. Develop your management system to meet your uniques goals.

Why The Management Institute?

The Management Institute (TMI) is focused on the discipline of management. Effective management is essential to an organization’s success.

The role of manager encompasses three disciplines: Technical (industry/domain), leadership (people), and management (systems, processes, controls).

There are benefits to understanding each discipline and how they contribute to an organization’s results.

This led TMI to create the Management Competency Framework and the associated Management Competency Foundation Certificate. The certificate program highlights the eight competencies of management: strategy, brand, product, relationships, structure, finance, operations, and human capital.

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